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CD & DVD Mastering

CD Mastering

Acceptable Formats for CD Masters

  • We can accept CD-Recordable that conform to the proper color book standards (yellow, green and red). Discs may not have any physical defects.
  • R-DAT Digital Audio tapes must be recorded continuously with no breaks. One minute of silence at the beginning of the tape is required. Please supply a log with number of tracks and length of each track.

Tips when supplying CD-R's

  • Be sure recording side is free of scratches / fingerprints.
  • Do not supply rewritable discs.

DVD Mastering

Acceptable Formats for DVD Masters

  • DLT 1 DLT for DVD-5 / 2 DLT's for DVD 9 & 10
  • DVD (-R) or (+R) Discs must be free of physical defects and Non-Rewritable

Copy Protection Available

  • Rip Guard from MACROVISION
    NOTE: Copy protected DVD's must be authored as such and supplied on DLT